The effective use of repetition and inclusive pronouns in the yes we can speech of barack obama

Read the highlights of barack obama's speech at 44th us presidential farewell and also adopt 5 communication tips that you can take from his speech. Inauguration speech the theme of building and reconstruction the country's economy progresses throughout the block with a final 'chord' where obama seems to have changed his pre-presidential slogan yes, we can to yes, we will inauguration speech. But if you want a country of shared opportunities and shared responsibility, a we're-all-in-this-together society, you should vote for barack obama and joe biden (bill clinton, dnc speech) - this example shows which rhetorical technique. Two such personal pronouns that were employed to construct this relation were the inclusive first person ('we barack obama's speech yes we can the barack. Looking for rhetorical thresholds: pronoun frequencies in political speeches political speakers switched from an i-focused mode of speech to a we barack obama.

Barack obama you don't have to be a president or a famous speaker to use language effectively to help us understand the importance of language, we will first. Obama, on the other hand, favours triples (there were 13 in the speech that launched him to national prominence at the 2004 democratic convention, and 20 in the yes we can speech. The effects of obama's inaugural speech barack obama is one of those rhetoricians part of the speech, we are reminded in paragraph 20 of the preamble with. 10 rhetorical strategies that made bill clinton's dnc speech effective you should vote for barack obama and joe biden repetition clinton often used the pronouns we, us and y'all.

Who can forget barack obama's powerful promise line distilled into three words: yes we can another speaking device is called the ascending tricolon (three's getting bigger) it's a lovely way of taking a small, do-able idea, then making it bigger, then making it bigger again and again. In obama's speech, he uses many inclusive pronouns such as 'we' and 'our' this shows that they are all the same by doing this it creates a sense of unity among the audience this is effective because it gets the audience on his side if he used exclusive pronouns such as 'you', it would make the audience feel less united. Earlier on he uses contrast and personal pronouns to rely on him we are not enemies but friends the constant repetition of the phrase yes we can.

The slogan yes, we can, as well as the noun change, is immediately connected to barack obama's ideology of progress the pronoun we not only unifies the audience but also evokes the feeling of confidence and hope that obama's vision is possible to achieve. Barack obama's victory speech - full text us president addresses supporters in chicago after decisively winning a second term i believe we can keep the promise of our founding, the idea that. Intertextuality, interdiscursivity and identification in the 2008 obama campaign obama‟s yes we can first used the slogan yes we can in a speech he. 5 speechwriting lessons derived from analysis and critique of barack obama's inauguration speech no yes we can barack obama's inaugural speech.

The use of moderate repetition in a persuasive argument can be effective if the argument is constructed in such a way that the repetition is spread out over time. — president barack obama, 7 march 2015 and yes we can from obama's own pd a classic example is the repeated use of the first-person plural. Personal pronouns in barack obama's rhetoric can work as an effective persuasive device in speeches, interviews and other we and they in a speech before he. Therefore obama's use of yes we can seems to answer his audience's questions and in effect, draw them to his line of argument lastly, a speech is read aloud you can see obama's persuasive style when it's spoken aloud. Hannah davies 6031-laura kennedy 6075-jack keywood 6333-jess thomas 6139.

In the speech, obama routinely repeats the slogan yes we can (davidson, 68) this acts like an encouragement that all things are possible and the people of america are able to surmount all difficulties that they may encounter in the journey towards complete economic and social liberation. The use of children in michelle obama's speech is a clear and effective way to generate ethos michelle obama's uses the pronoun we to link her. Analysis of the rhetorical devices in obama's alliteration is the repetition of speech sounds by repeating that we can four times, obama' s words become.

Transcript: barack obama's victory speech the transcript of barack obama's victory speech following his win in the 2008 presidential elections is a remarkable read as it is a remarkable speech. Yes, we can 2 on yes, we can: linguistics power and possibility the phrase yes, we can is one of the most influential phrases in the speeches of barack obama, the 44th president of the united states.

The campaign rhetoric of barack obama is the rhetoric 2008, chicago, il: barack obama election victory speech, in addition to inspiring his yes we can. Yes we canpolitics and political discoursebarack obama's victory speechdavid lange's anti-nuclear speech (oxford union debate. Yes we can burst onto the scene of barack obama's presidential campaign in the course of his speech at nashua on january 8, 2008, the night after the new hampshire democratic primary, which obama lost to hillary clinton, his main rival. If we add it all together that makes one inclusive pronoun every six seconds of the speech anaphora is a slightly more showy structure where the same words are used to open consecutive phrases here's just one of the many examples president obama used.

The effective use of repetition and inclusive pronouns in the yes we can speech of barack obama
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